UMAX's CEO believes in American made and that American workers should be our focus in our communities. UMAX intends to manufacture the MPODs within the United States, again re-enforcing the principle that the United States cares when it come to disasters. This will create local jobs. This will enable new jobs in all areas, such as positions in manufacturing, distribution, sales, etc., creating a ripple effect. We already have a conceptual design that  will enable quick and efficient deployment of the MPODs (Mobile Power On Demand).



Easy to deploy, they fold out and fold in. This allows for easy transportation of the unit, via truck or air lift.

These units will use dry cell deep cycle batteries, ready to deploy in the case of a disaster with food and communication already inside. These are prototype renderings only. Speed is crucial in bringing relief to hit areas efficiently and quickly. This is what the MPOD does.




Some of the uses include: field hospitals, epidemics, quick response capability after floods and earth quakes, tornadoes, and military forward deployment with no logistic issues. Drop and use production and development of these units will begin once funding becomes available, as it is seen we are investing in other industries such as mining that will support the manufacturing and technology growth from internal revenue streams. We hope to not be totally dependent on funding from the markets. We will also look for partnerships in other areas of finance to move the projects forward.