Growing Communities:

The CEO, Ian Dixon, believes that it takes unification to create growth. Because it is easy to break a single twig and all is lost, we need to come together like twenty twigs and create strength. UMAX is a holding company that wishes to gather many twigs (Businesses) and work together under one umbrella (UMAX). Just like faith, we gather to worship and are stronger for it, more empowered, more energized, and more profitable.

UMAX is the umbrella and has passed, so far, all the legal requirements of the government and is traded on the OTCBB exchange (Ticker UMAX). What this means for you as an investor, potentially via use you can access the public markets for funding. If you have been given a user name and password please enter it in the below fields to gain access to our prospectus and exhibits pretaining to investing in UMAX.